• Physician Payment Reform and Outcome- Based Performance

    “Our nation cannot control runaway medical spending without fundamentally changing how physicians are paid.” This is the backbone of a report published by the National Commission on Physician Payment Reform in March. The 14-member commission was comprised of physicians from a variety of specialties, as well as others who are experts in health care policy, […]

  • Jumping into the deep end of the data pool

    hether you look at economic trends, recently passed legislation or imminent payment reform, there is no getting around the fact that current healthcare spending in America is unsustainable. The question of when healthcare reform will affect the day-to-day functioning of our practices has been answered, and that time is now. Some liken our situation to […]

  • Using new software to treat rheumatoid arthritis

    Discus Analytics LLC, which launched in Spokane in May 2011, has collaborated with doctors here to invent and begin marketing a software application designed to help better treat rheumatoid arthritis and its progression. The company worked with physicians from the Spokane-based Arthritis Northwest practice to create the software product suite, named JointMan, says Karen Ferguson, […]