Patients Take a Front Seat in the Exam Room

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A Patient-Centered Model of Excellence in Rheumatologic Care

CMH_Logo Discus Analytics, whose ongoing mission is to transform clinical data into insights and intelligence, has announced a strategic partnership with ContextMedia, Inc., a Chicago-based company that is the leader in point-of-care patient education, focused on engineering high levels of patient engagement through technological innovation.

Notably the first of its kind, this collaboration seeks to improve the doctor/patient relationship in order to achieve high quality health outcomes and a new standard of care for those who suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis. ContextMedia and Discus Analytics share a similar objective to make health information actionable at the point-of-care and by putting the patient first this partnership is strategic and sensible.

Using interactive patient education exam room tablets provided exclusively by ContextMedia, patients will begin their appointment by completing electronic questionnaires related to pain and daily functioning. Those results are automatically entered into the JointMan® clinical care portal and scores are tracked over time, giving patients a unique perspective of their overall condition. The physician is then prompted to complete a musculoskeletal examination in JointMan®, ensuring that the patient is taken care of and is put first throughout the entire appointment. After the patient and physician complete their respective tasks in JointMan®, the physician has the tools and knowledge, to begin a dialogue regarding treatment decisions and/or necessary therapy changes.

“We talk about major changes in the healthcare industry all the time, but we rarely see evidence of these significant strides improving consultations. This partnership will have a huge impact on the patient experience. The technology will directly affect health outcomes and improve the patient’s wellness,” said Rishi Shah, Founder and CEO of ContextMedia.

“This partnership is nothing short of a win-win for patients. By incorporating new technology into our office, we’re making sure none of our patients slip through the cracks. Capturing disease information in the JointMan® system gives us real-time data to discuss treatment options. It also allows us to make sure patients are following their treatment plans. Most of all, it keeps patients engaged in their care,” said Howard Kenney, MD, Board Member for Discus Analytics & Founder of Arthritis Northwest.

“The end result is seamless integration, from waiting room to exam room. Having data on hand at the time of the patient’s visit lies at the heart of quality improvement in rheumatologic care,” said Kenney.
Over 200 rheumatologists have implemented the tablets into their practice, with more scheduled to join in the coming months.

About Discus Analytics

Discus Analytics designed JointMan® as a tool to improve care coordination, increase patient satisfaction, measure outcomes and attain better results. Treatment plans are now automatically communicated back to the patient’s primary care physician with or without any existing electronic health records. For more information, visit

About ContextMedia, Inc.

ContextMedia, Inc. owns and operates a suite of digital healthcare networks delivering condition-specific programming at point-of-care in all 50 states. Millions of patients are affected each year their Diabetes Health Network, Neurology Network, Heart Health Network and Rheumatology Network Their technology empowers healthcare professionals to engage patients while curating content personalized for each member practice. ContextMedia reaches thousands of Rheumatologist Waiting and Exam rooms specifically and will now be able to integrate the JointMan software into its technologies. For more information, visit