MDedge: “Advocacy strategies: Leveraging patient testimonials, physician expertise, and Google”

Our CEO, Karen Ferguson, was recently featured in this article on the panel discussion at the Coalition of State Rheumatology Organizations 2020 State Society Advocacy Conference Virtual Meeting:

“You need good documentation to support why you’re doing what you’re doing, advised Ms. Ferguson, practice administrator of Arthritis Northwest, Spokane, Wash. When an issue comes up, she always consults her doctors and her billing staff.

“She recalled when biosimilars first came out, and one of them for Rituxan (rituximab) had not been indicated by the Food and Drug Administration for RA. “And yet, an insurance company was mandating that we use this nonindicated biosimilar,” said Ms. Ferguson, who learned about this from her billing staff. “I went immediately to the doctors and asked how they felt about this, and they said they were uncomfortable,” she continued. Ms. Ferguson found out that 45 states had legislation that prohibited interchangeability with non–FDA-indicated drugs. She was able to show this literature to the insurance company and get the mandate reversed. “One thing that’s so important is to be able to use your physicians’ knowledge and how they really feel and advocate based off of that,” using sound statutes to support your argument, she added.”

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