90 Seconds to Better Outcomes

To: Vectra DA Accounts

Chronic rheumatologic disease is a challenging disease for both patients and providers, as you well know. A diagnosis of chronic RA can alter a patient’s lifestyle significantly. Unfortunately, a rheumatologist’s toolset to help aide in a patient’s care plan is limited from an Electronic Health Record perspective.

JS_Snips_JMWe are pleased to inform you of additional means by which you can access your patients’ Vectra DA test results. On May 24th, Discus Analytics, the developers of JointMan® – a clinical population health tool for rheumatology – and Crescendo Bioscience leveraged their partnership to enable physician access to their patients’ Vectra DA scores via the JointMan tool. Once you have signed the Vectra DA Results Authorization Agreement and your configuration has been set up by Crescendo Bioscience & Discus Analytics, your Vectra DA test results will automatically flow into JointMan.

Vectra DA scores will automatically populate under ‘Selected Labs’ and ‘Lab Results’ enabling you to track your patients’ Vectra DA scores over time, as well as observe changes in Vectra DA scores relative to changes in treatment therapy. You will also be able to download JointMan ChartNote, which is inclusive of patient Vectra DA score(s), under ‘Disease Activity Indices.’

As decision support tools and outcomes measures become increasingly important in chronic disease management, this partnership was created to help you more effectively manage your patients. As such, we hope this helps to address your practice needs. Please contact your Vectra DA Clinical Rheumatology Liaison (CRL) to sign up and with any additional questions you may have.


Joe Lindstrom Senior Director, Market

For more information about how to use JointMan, or to see if your EHR system is already integrated with JointMan, please visit www.jointman.com

For more information please contact customer service at customerservice@crescendobio.com