T3 JointMan®, Inc. and the Nidus Physician Network Care Organization Embark Upon a Long-Term Strategic Partnership – Nidus Network to Exclusively Use JointMan® Software Platform

Spokane, WA—T3 JointMan®, Inc. and the Nidus Physician Network Care Organization have agreed to a long-term strategic contract that would allow current Nidus members to access JointMan® technology at no cost. JointMan® software is the most comprehensive rheumatology decision support and patient tracking tool available, putting real world clinical data directly into the hands of Rheumatologists across the country.
[pullquote4 align=”right”]As a network of dedicated Rheumatologists who believe that every patient deserves the highest level of care possible, we consistently track patient outcomes in order to achieve low disease activity. We’re proud to implement the JointMan® platform into our practices, and believe this is the next step toward better coordination of care across the healthcare spectrum.

-Howard M. Kenney, MD
Nidus Board of Directors[/pullquote4]

The Nidus Physician Network is a grassroots movement within the field of Rheumatology that focuses on practice sustainability, offering products and services that will ensure practice viability in light of dramatic healthcare reform. Using JointMan® technology, a web-based platform, Nidus physicians will contribute de-identified patient data to an aggregated data hub in order to better analyze and predict quality outcome measures. JointMan® dashboard reports offer physicians a detailed look at treatment efficacy, and can be the first to signal the need for a change in therapy in order to achieve low disease status. In short, this innovative technology increases value-based patient care.

JointMan® technology is an evidence-based rheumatology software application that can be easily incorporated into any clinical setting. It has broad-reaching implications for stakeholders within every facet of healthcare (from academia, to research clinicians, to pharmaceutical companies, to payer groups, as well as invested third parties). Seamlessly integrated, patients benefit from excellent patient care, while physicians are empowered with access to invaluable data analysis aimed at improving patient outcomes.

JointMan® technology was launched nationally in December 2011 to provide Rheumatologists with an invaluable tool to capture and analyze patient data, and to improve the quality and integrity of patient care across the board.

For more information, contact the JointMan® Implementation Team at info@t3jointman.com.